Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge in King Salmon, Alaska, USA

Video about our room at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge in King Salmon.

It is real…!!! You have to come to Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge…

Our summer vacation took us for five days to Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge in King Salmon, USA. We booked the absolute feel-good package with full board and excursions. This package cost a lot of money, but… 


…the conclusion is clear and very simple: the entire Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge team ensures a smooth stay that offers lots of adventure, comfortable and beautiful accommodation and very tasty food. It is truly a dream that we could come here. The trip was worth every penny! We can only recommend a visit to Gold Creek Lodge! Many thanks to Kat, Shag, AJ, Hunter, Tony, Chad, Trinity, Ted – you were wonderful!!! 

Important notice before arrival:

The airline Penair and RavnAir operate with very small aircraft (Saab 2000). So, it can happen that not all of the checked baggage comes with the plane. We therefore recommend all visitors to King Salmon to take at least one night (or two nights) of all necessary toiletries, medical supplies and clothing with them to avoid any surprises. We didn’t receive both suitcases until the second day late in the evening… Unfortunately, the airport staff didn’t tell us. 


The infrastructure of the lodge, i.e. the main building, the cabins as well as the yurts were very modern and in a super condition. The complex is rounded off with a small jetty on the Neknek River. The main building is located about 400 meters from the river and is the central meeting point for breakfast and dinner as well as cozy get-togethers. 

We had a full board booking and each received a very tasty lunch package (snacks, sandwiches and drinks). The main room in the building is beautiful and very cozy. On the walls hang trophies of captured animals and cozy sitting areas invite you to stay. A selection of DVDs that can be taken to the room and various books are available to the guests to kill any “boring” hours. In addition, a fire can be lit at the fireplace in front of the lodge in the evening, if desired, of course only in good weather. There is also a small gift shop where you can buy jackets, sweaters and other souvenir items marked with the Gold Creek Lodge logo. 
At the river there is a viewing platform where you can observe wild animals. A jetty serve as a starting point for fish trips. 


We had booked a private cabin and when we moved in, we immediately felt very comfortable. The cozy wooden construction is simple and functional. A comfortable bed, an oven for cold nights, a TV with DVD player and a coffee machine can be found in the room. The small bathroom has a shower and of course a toilet. A small balcony with a view of the greenery rounded off our room infrastructure. 


Before our stay at the lodge we were on the road with a well-known cruise company and were unfortunately gastronomically disappointed. 
But in the Gold Creek Lodge we were more than positively surprised. All meals changed daily. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were always excellent. The cooking crew around Trinity did an excellent job and conjured up wonderful meals on the table! 

Small criticism points about the lodge:

The Luggage-Gate was annoying because we didn’t have any spare clothes or urgently needed toiletries with us. A pre-information of the hosts could have helped. A clothes rack or a small cupboard in the cabin for the clothes would be helpful. 

Information about the Excursions: 

We have booked the feel-good package with all excursions. The assigned companions were always very attentive, friendly and read all your wishes from their lips. They always had the lunch package and all drinks with them. They also took along the most important utensils such as sun cream, insect spray, pain pills and emergency pharmacy. You really didn’t have to worry about anything! 

Fish Excursion: 

We were fishing with Shag and AJ. The early bird catches the fish. That’s why we started at 7.00 a.m. – rather too late. We went up the river by boat for about 20 minutes and tried our luck at a well-known spot with current rapids. Unfortunately, without success. We tried fly fishing and conventional fishing, but the fish just didn’t want to bite. For this reason, we stopped the exercise and drove up the river for another 20 minutes to fish for pike. At a suitable spot we had more luck. We made several successful attempts and caught about 8 pike. There were some nice big specimens. After lunch we tried to fish for rainbow trout for a few minutes before we went up further. Unfortunately, we were not lucky anymore. In addition, a strong thunderstorm came up and we had to stop the exercise because of the safety (lightning). After we took cover for about 45 minutes it was time to go back to the lodge. 

During the whole stay we felt very comfortable with Shag and AJ. They did not only equip us with the best materials (clothes, fishing etc.), but they also supported us in successful fishing attempts to get the fish in and to capture these memorable moments with photos and videos. It is an adventure such as a fish trip and highly recommended. Time flies by and the two gentlemen entertain you very well. 

Katmai National Park – Broke Falls:

The Katmai National Park and Broke Falls, about 50 kilometers away, are famous for the many bears that wait at the waterfall during the salmon return to eat enough winter bacon. In 1912 the national park became famous for a volcanic eruption that formed the Valley of 10’000 Smokes. 

Our tour started with a highlight, namely the trip was made by seaplane. The 20-minute flight in the small plane was very pleasant. You can see the beautiful landscapes from above. Arriving at the national park you first have to go to the bear school, because during the bear season (from the end of June to September) there are a lot of bears on the way. They are used to humans, but in order to have unpleasant experiences, one goes to acquire a bear etiquette. 

Unfortunately, no bears were seen during our stay. This act of the beauty of the park did not stop us. We hiked up to a viewpoint and enjoyed the calm before the storm (low season). Hunter and Tony took good care of us and we were able to exchange exciting conversations with them. 

Valley of 10’000 Smokes:

On another day we were flown back to the national park by floatplane. From there the tour started to the valley where the volcanic eruption of the Novarupta in 1912 left a huge devastation in the form of an incredible ash avalanche. The valley was covered with 100 km2 of ash. A river has eaten its way through the ashes over the last 100 years, forming a beautiful canyon. The trip by van into the valley takes about 1 1/2 hours and is 23 miles long. During the trip to the starting point – visitor center – the bus stops three times and we tell the exciting story of the volcanic eruption in 1912. Once you arrive at the visitor center at the top, you have an incredible panoramic view of the valley and the mountains, which are sleeping volcanoes. After lunch you can walk down to the river. The walk takes about 35 minutes to go down and about 60 minutes to go up. In some places the canyon is up to 200 meters high, i.e. the ash layer is that high. 

ATV Tour: 

On the third day of our stay we went on an ATV tour that led us to the hinterland of Alaska. The modern ATV-vehicles passed through even in very rough terrain without any problems. We used regular stops to look for wild animals. The landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful. The incredible vastness and untouched spots of the Alaska hinterland were very impressive. Chad and Tony took good care of us and we could exchange exciting conversations with them. 

General feedback on the tours:

We can recommend all tours. The guides, led by Shag Trent, have always made every effort to provide the best possible experience for the guests. However, we liked fishing best because it brought the most action.

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