Kambaku River Lodge, Malelane, Kruger National Park

Short overview video about our room at Kambaku River Lodge, Malelane, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Perfect six day stay @ Kambaku River Lodge!

What makes a great holiday? There are different pieces of the puzzle that have to be right to have a great holiday. At any rate, starting with the booking, one unconsciously develops an expectation, whether intentionally or not. Are the reviews really in tune with reality? Are the photos possibly improved with Photoshop etc.? 

There is nothing wrong with the Kambaku River Lodge if we compare our expectations with our experiences. A really magical spot at the edge of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Right opposite the river, the park borders and offers the guest a wonderful view. This is additionally made even more attractive because the wild life that takes place behind the fence it’s incredibly beautiful. We saw during our stay – several times: elephants, hippos, giraffes, water buffalos, crocodiles, kudus, impalas. There is also an incredible variety of birds, ducks, storks etc.. Only lions, leopards, cheetahs or warthogs we’ve missed. Well, we still had a lot of luck and are not sad that we missed the others. We could have been “unlucky” and could not have seen any animals at all. But what I can hardly imagine that you won’t see anything… Of course you can also go to the Kruger in about 20 minutes driving time and drive directly in there to increase the chances again. We booked a half day (afternoon) and a full day safari directly at the lodge. Our guide was very good and also discovered unbelievable wildlife at a great distance during the trip. 

What we liked very much about Kambaku Lodge was the fact that you could completely retreat and relax in your lodge. Not even at dinner there was a dress code or something. You can just be and enjoy. Just in time for the night’s rest, a small fire is lit that radiates a lot of romance, but also gives warmth. In the evening you quickly noticed a noticeable difference in temperature. Tip: to consider with the dress choice – it smells a little and could disturb someone. 


The food, breakfast and dinner, were freshly prepared and always very tasty. You can also order a small lunch, as we only stayed two days in the lodge. Tip: a lodge is not a restaurant (no selection of menus), we recommend to make any special wishes, allergies etc. in advance. Of course, one can also take care of oneself, but with the meal prices, we preferred to be pampered rather than to cook by oneself. The meals reminded us very much of our youth. Simple menus, which could have been cooked by mummy. Yummie…!

The loving furnishing of the lodge and the details of the decorations have done us a favour. The bed was very comfortable. The cleanliness met our expectations. 


We can highly recommend the Kambaku River Lodge. The price/performance ratio is definitely right. The hostess Leanne and the whole team around Martha, Anzelle etc. give you from A to Z the feeling of well-being that you know from home!

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