Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, Tikehau, French Polynesia

Overview video about our stay at Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort in French Polynesia.

Disappointing – why those good reviews at TridAdvisor?

We booked 5 Nights (stayed 4 Nights because of a firefighter Strike) in Tikehau. Because of all the good reviews we’ve decided to stay here, but after the visit we were disappointed and can’t recommend „per se“ the Pearl Beach Resort – only when you can afford to spent a 1’000 dollars a night.

To break it down to the point: the service was bad. The employees are unmotivated and treated not all guests with the same service level. For example: on the last day we’ve asked if we can stay in the room till we have to leave (1pm o clock). „No“ was the answer of the reception. We had to kill three hours at the reception. A French guy, we were diving with him, stayed till 12.30 o clock in the Room. Why was there a different treating? This is only one example we’ve experienced.

The whole time we felt a little bit like „squeeze the lemon till the last drop comes out“. We had an Overwater Suite for 1’000 dollars and would have expected at least more than 1 bottle of free-water or complimentary soft-drinks. Nothing. We received two coffee-capsules and ½ liter of water. Everything else we had to pay. In the price was only a small breakfast included. In other Resorts, for example in Cook Island, we were welcomed with a bottle of red wine, Nespresso coffee for the whole week and free complimentary water. Just to be clear: it’s even harder to get to Aitutaki, Cook Island, than Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort.


Because the resort is so far away from the city you have to eat in Resort-Restaurant. The food is average and expensive. Other guest, they stayed in Bora Bora, told us, that they have paid less there. Bora Bora is known as the most expensive French Polynesian Island.


The infrastructure is ok, but you have to handle cockroaches and other animals (small spiders, night-butterflies). After asking for a bug spray, the answer was, it doesn’t help and attracts more animals. They can only make a ground-cleanup which takes 24 hours. Because they hadn’t had free suites we had to stick with the animals. The room cleaning was average too. The killed cockroaches lay for two days on the floor where I have killed them.

Only the Overwater Suites have AC. All other Bungalows (Overwater or Beach) doesn’t have that. If you go in summer there (October till March) it will be warm.

It could be the perfect place on earth, but the management is in our opinion bad and could do a better job.

Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, Tikehau

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